Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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Universal Flooring solid engineered hardwood flooring is constructed from 3 layers wood plies that are glued together.  It has wide range of species from temperate to tropical timers which applicable for the top layer.

With more than 11 wood species, from temperate to tropical timbers. Available in Prime Grading which is sorted for uniformity or in Accent Grading where material is more lively, vibrant and has more character. Top layer used are cut veneer instead of peeled veneer. Peeled veneer has neither the beauty nor strength of the cut veneer

Hevea Middle Core - Hevea or rubberwood is a medium hardwood. The density is 560-650 kg/m3. Compared this with Pine which has only 390-490 kg/m3. Hence hevea core layer gives you better stability and better bonding quality.

Bottom Layer -Spruce veneer is imported from Finland and has been selected for the bottom layer. This veneer is chosen for both its stability and sustainability as it comes from timber plantation and grown mainly for the pulp and paper industry.

Traditional solid hardwood flooring expand 3 times more than an solid engineered hardwood flooring. To avoid this problem, the alternating 3 layers of wood materials laminated together minimize the natural expansion and contraction of wood caused by exposure to moisture.

Hardness of the top layer apart from appearance is important when selecting a wood floor.  High traffic area may required hard wood species.

The above structure illustrate the solid engineered hardwood flooring construction layers which inter-locking of the planks can come in the form of normal tongue & groove or the Uniclic profile and system.

Important Note: All natural timber to colour variance as well as when subjected to exposure of light will change colour. A good practice is to maintain the uniformity of the colour is to regularly move the furniture or rugs around so that all parts are equally exposed.

Product Information

Plank dimension
: 14.5mm (3.5mm) x 190mm x 1250mm / 1820mm / 2525mm
: E1 standard / F4 stars standard
: Comply with EN 13489
Coating : 7 layers of UV Arcylic Lacquer
Packaging : 6 pieces per package (1250mm - 1.42m2 / 1820mm - 2.08m2 / 2525mm - 2.88m2)
Warranty Period : 10 years - 25 years

Structure of the engineered hardwood flooring as follow:

1st Layer - 7 Layers of UV Arcylic Lacquer , certified Formaldehyde Free

2nd Layer - 3.6mm Hardwood Surface Layer

3rd Layer - 9mm Crosswise of small hardwood strips

4th Layer - 2mm wooden bottom layer

About the finishing - UV Acrylic Finish

Compared to the traditional solvent based urethane finish, UV finish is more harder, offers better scratch resistance and is environmentally friendly as it uses no solvent.

All solvent Products are coated with Marathon's anti-abrasion and anti scratch coatings to provide better protection. Using CS 17, abrasion test, Universal Floorings with these special coatings have abrassion values higher than 20,000 cycles whereas a standard lacquer has only 7,000 cycles using the same test.

Universal floorings's floors are also tested for resistance against 27 chemicals or stains. After 16 hours, the following are some of the chemicals/stains that have no visible impact on the surface of the lacquer finish.

Lipstick / beer / coke / wine / coffee / vinegar / acetone / butter / olive oil / disinfectant / black ball pen ink / stamping ink.

Here to review our commercial video for the engineered hardwood flooring


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