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HDF Laminate Flooring with 100% imported from Germany

provides consumer a highly durable, fascinating surface permium product with an extremely robust and resillient floor that is not easily damanged.

Product Layout Structure

Product Specifications

31 Classic 32 King Size
Dimension 8mm x 192mm x 1292mm 8mm x 327mm x 1291mm
Packaging 8 pcs per pack / 21.36 sqft per pack 6 pcs per pack / 27.23 sqft per pack
Class 31 (AC 3) / 32 (AC 4) 32 (AC4)
Finishes Melamine Resin and Aluminium Oxide Melamine Resin and Aluminium Oxide
Formaldehyde El Category E1 Category
Warranty 15 years (Class 31/AC3)
20 years (Class 32/Ac4)
20 years (Class 32/AC4)

Here are the colour range available:-

31 Classic (15 Years Warranty) 32 Classsic (20 Years Warranty) 32 King Size (20 Years Warranty)

H2570 Merbau

EM7181 Country Cherry

H1051 Verdon Oak White

H2580 Siena Walnut

EM7190 Siberian Larch

H2733 Arlington Oak

H2634 Oxford Oak

EM7191 Siberian Larch Grey

H2734 Arlington Oak dark

H2703 Zermatt Oak Sand

EM7193 Montana Pine Brown

H2756 Arlington Oak Cream

H2713 Bourbon Oak Dark

EM7196 Northland Oak Brown

H2780 Mokolo Wenge

32 Classic (AC4/V2)

H2726 Northland Oak melange

H2727 Northland Oak cognac

Outstanding Form Stability

Through the exellent form stability of the core boards from our own production, EGGER secures consistent quality. Therefore the ambrasion guarantee applies for the entire panel the for the edges.


Outstanding Impact Resistance

Laminate flooring from EGGAR is extremely robust and impact resistant. Thanks to the special product strure, it is robust and withstands to even heavy use.

Brilliant beauty — Our decors with their beautiful, premium appearance come surprisingly close to their natural models. Exotic decors, the rustic look of floorboards, tile, stone and metallic impressions — variety to meet all needs!

Guaranteed beautiful floors — The extremely hard surface provides for many years of beautiful decor surfaces and edges. We ensure this with our abrasion guarantee. That even includes the edges. Abrasion resistance according to EN 13329 / EN 15468.

Even if something falls on it — the surface of laminate flooring is resistant to a lot o stress. Shock-resistance according to EN 13329 / EN 15468.
Robust Against Moisture
Our coreboards are high-quality HDF boards with excellent resistance against the undesirable penetration of moisture and liquids. Thickness swelling in accordance with EN 13329 / EN 15468.
Laminate flooring is one of the most hygienic flooring solutions. Easy to clean and maintain. Stain resistance according to EN 13329 / EN 15468.
Resistant against UV light — high resistance against discolouration or bleaching of the decor image through exposure to light. Lightfast in accordance with EN 13329 / EN 15468.
Ecological Component
Environmentally friendly — more than 90% of laminate flooring consists of the raw material wood. Only waste wood from sustainable forestry operations is used. Nature and the rainforests are protected. EGGER is the first wood-based material manufacturer able to present environmental product declarations in accordance with ISO 14025 for all its base products, including laminate flooring.
Genuine saw cut
Slip-resistance class

Installation Video

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