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Bamboo Plastic Composite

TRU-WOODS Bamboo Plastic Composite
is extruted by professional bamboo plastic extruding machine under high temperature and pressure. So it is a kind of insect proof, green responsible material.

Product Specifications


Test Item Test Standard Unit Results
Hardness ASTM D1037-06A N 7144
Impact Resistance ASTM D25-06A J/M 22.8
Tensile Strength ASTM E638-03 Mpa 21.6
Water Absorption EN 317:1993 % 6.0
Moisture Resistance EN ISO 9142-2004 % 0.9
Flexural Strength ASTM D790-07 Mpa 38.2
Density ASTM D6111-03 g/cm3 1.39


Test Item Test Standard Unit Results
Moisture Resistance EN ISO 9142-2004 % 0.9
24H rate of moisture content EN 322 % 1.8
Rate of breaking elongation EN ISO 5079 % 0.29
Bending Strength EN 310 Mpa 35
Impacting Strength (unnotched) EN ISO 180 KJ/m2 8.6
Compression Strength DIN 52192 Mpa 54
Hardness (HS) EN 53505 - 80
Density EN 14041 kg/m3 1379.3
UV-resistant aging EN 1297 Hours 950

Installation Method

Adhering to the following processing and care instructions will ensure a long life for your decking.


General Information

Before beginning with the installation, the boards must acclimatise at the installation site for 3 days. Store Tru-woods in the original packaging and lying on a flat surface, dry and well ventilated.
The installation may only be performed with suitable and approved accessories. Faulty installation can damage the material and reduce its service life.
Do not install the decking at temperatures below 0 °C.
Check the individual elements for any damage prior to processing. Variations in colour and structure are typical for the material and ensure a natural look. By beginning with the installation, you acknowledge that the appearance and properties of the material are free of defects.
BPC expands with a rise in temperature and humidity and shrinks under cold and dry conditions. This movement must not be hindered by the fastening. A sufficient distance must be left between all solid bordering structures.
Due to the high density of Tru-woods, screw holes must be pre-drilled.
Include in your planning a sufficient grade for water drainage, which should be 2 % in the direction of the boards and away from the building.
The subsurface must be clean, free of all plant growth, level, firm, load-bearing and protected against freezing. Water must be able to flow off unobstructed.
Under the decking, a clearance of at least 25 mm must be left all around for unhindered air circulation. Direct contact with other structures and to the subsurface is not permitted.

Decking Plank And Accessories

Pro-Solid Metal Clips

Pro-Innovation Starter Clips

D.I.Y Decking Tiles End Clip

Solid Square Keel Expansion Screw

Solid Curve Keel L-Side Cover


Our decking has all the warmth and feel of wood without the associated maintenance problems, making it more durable and easier to live with, so is ideal for the residential and commercial area.

Slip Resistant
Whether wet or dry, non-splinter, concealed fixings.

Low Maintenance
No staining, painting or sealing required.

Rot Resistant
No wood preservative required to extend life.

Fire Resistant
When exposed to flame, our product will self extinguish.

Easy to Clean
No chemical cleaners required, just soap, water, a non-abrasive cloth, or simply a jet-wash

Resistant to Water
Low moisture content and water absorption.

NO treatment required to maintain the colour. Does not 'grey' with age, as experienced with unprotected timber

Evironmentally Friendly
All deck board is 100% recyclable, with a natural appearance.


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