Verlux Luxury Wall Tile

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A new direction for vinyl

If walls could talk, they’d say that adding a little life to them is a creative way to liven up your home or
commercial interiors. Now you can make your walls sing just by re-imagining the way you think about wall coverings. And Verlux Luxury Wall Tile are just what you need to spur your imagination.

Verlux takes vinyl and sends it in a whole new direction. It’s the first product to take the many innovations that have made vinyl such a popular choice for flooring and reapply them as a unique alternative to wallpaper, paint, paneling, ceramic or any other traditional wall covering.

Verlux Covers New Territory With

Beautiful textures, colors and patterns — Choose from dozens of styles
Unique, dramatic 304.8mm x 609.6mm and 457.2mm x 914.4mm tile sizes
Easy handling and installation — Lightweight tiles apply easily with adhesive directly to almost any wall surface**
Easy maintenance
Versatile — Use for entire rooms or on feature walls, kitchen islands, backsplashes, columns and more
Affordable — Turn the walls in your home or business into luxurious showpieces without spending a fortune

Product Specifications

Size 304.8mm x 609.6mm 457.2mm x 914.4mm
Thickness 4.8mm 4.8mm
Wear Layer 0.07mm 0.07mm
Coating CB CB
Embossing Satin or Mirror or Linen Mirror
Gloss Matte or High Matte or High
Case Packing 10 tiles per case 8 tiles per case
Sqft / Sqm per case 20sqft/1.86sqm 36sqft/3.35sqm
Sqft / Sqm per piece 2sqft/0.185sqm 4.5sqft/0.418sqm
Pallet Packing 96 boxes/pallet 40 boxes/pallet
Gross Weight per Pallet 796kg 605kg
Pallets per Container 20 24

Here are the colour range available:

304.8mm X 609.6mm
457.2mm X 914.4mm

W40116 Lineal Stone Dark

W15211 Crema Nova

W47911 White Marble

W40215 Scratch Concrete Moss

W54412 Smooth Travertine White

W54413 Smooth Travertine Greige

W61311 Limestone Black

W74101 Golden Emperador

Installation Video


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